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Re: RC: Racing Arab sale

I've been riding my horse for a season in a side pull - about 12 rides last year.
He goes fine and is very controllable. However, don't go our on an endurnace the
first time you put one on or you might die! Like anything new it takes some time
for the horse to learn what it is and the signals. The first time I had one on we
had a very wild ride!  So lots of work in the dressage ring with it and lots of
slow trail rides. Once he understood it he was fine with it.

Truman wrote:

> Hello everybody,
>  I need a little feedback on the differences with hackamores, mechanical and
>     other wise and side pulls, and the severity of them. I want to use
> something easy on my horse for a 50 comming up, he does good in a mechanical
> hackamore. I was thinking of a padded Biothane side pull with bit attachments
> just in case ( its our first race together ).
> any thoughts ???
> thanks guys,
> Becky

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