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Re: RC: advice needed

My mare dinged herself right at the coronet band last summerjust in the skin 
above the hoof.  About a half inch horizontal cut.  It is now about half 
grown out, and shows as a one inch horizontal split about halfway down the 
hoof wall.  Doesn't seem to bother her in any way, and doesn't appear to go 
all the way through the wall.  She was not off when she did it, at a ride.  I 
was very worried that it would leave a defect in the hoof wall, and asked the 
ride vets their opinion, they thought it would heal just fine.  That's my 
only experience.  I've seen horses with a hoof wall defect due to damage to 
the coronet band, but didn't know the details of the injury.  Good luck,  jeri

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