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Buying 1st Endurance horse

Where was my head????
Ansata is great don't get me wrong but I was emotionally exhausted and down 
and way out of my head..It was late at night and even tho' she rode well in 
the ring my first mistake was not asking for a 30 day money back deal. I 
have read here on RC that some will actually take the horse back after 30 
days! I didn't think with my head. Instead I thought with my heart! and my she is a knock out..or was..she has some pasture fat on her right 
now. She is a fraidy cat too. Spend a ton of time with them!! I mean lots!! 
don't buy with your heart! it may end up breaking!
I am dealing with an over priced man loving fraidy cat who has her head any 
where but on the trial infront of her. I hope this changes over the course 
of time but we still got lots of learning to do. They say it takes a good 
year to bond with your horse...1 yr 6 months and I am bonded however she can 
take me or leave me.  I wasn't sure what to look for I looked for the way 
she was put together. She is put together nicely. Nice feet, had to do some 
good shoeing. looked at her hooves really good for rings and shoe wear. She 
neck reined (added bonus) did pretty good in a hack. Sucks at with a bit! 
goes english or western. tons of get up and go, lacking in the want to go 
down the trail but were working on it. But above all don't think with your 
heart make sure the head and heart agree!
Carla (I still love my horse...but oh well I am stuck with her!)
Ansata ( Excuse me Miss? my food bowl is empty..aren't you supposed to fill 
Haley ( I love my humans!!!!!!!!!)
Rob (I have a lap horse!!!)
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