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I'm Buying My First Endurance Horse

> Someone gave me an old Trail Blazer in which you wrote your "My  First
Endurance Ride" story which included a picture of the Appy you rode> in
that> first ride....veeeer interesting!!  Haven't you come a long way?
> Maggie

That was 1987 and boy was I happy. How do you like my bluejeans with the
bandanas tied around my ankles to keep them from climbing?  Nice cowboy
boots too. >g<  If you'll look at it again you'll see Lynda Corry (with
jeans tucked *inside* cowboy boots) and Baskhari standing next to me. She
was doing her first ride too. Now check your July 2000 Endurance News. 
There's Lynda and Baskhari on the cover after 4000 miles, and there's a
big photo of Kaboot and me inside.  Both of us have been totally hooked
since that first ride. :-))  


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