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Re: RC: Racing Arab sale

Just my $.02 worth.  I have an Arab that I raised, from the day he was
born,to do Endurance.  I rode him in a sidepull everywhere.  Then at 5 1/2
years old,  I take him to his first LD and didn't even get to ride around
camp without hooking up a bit.  Those bit hangers saved my life!  Whew!  I
also have a 1/2 Arab, 1/2 Quarter horse mare that rides exclusively in a
sidepull, everywhere, 50s included.  Just depends on the horse I guess.  
After that experience though I have not ridden my gelding in a sidepull again
- I guess I am just getting too old for that much excitement.

Lee and
Boogie, Kaci, Bravo and Rocky

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