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Re: RC: Ariant boot quality

In a message dated 02/27/2001 10:45:40 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< My experience with Ariat's - after about a month of riding them may twice 
a week
 the leather stretched and the eyes started to come out. I had to reaplace 
 eye. Then after about 4 months the hooks started to rip right out of the 
leather. I
 ride with plastic stirrups so that can't be blamed. They are just pieces of
 garbage. For their price they had better damn well hold up better than this. 

This is very strange, as I've had mine for about 3 years and they are still 
in good condition.  I even walk on endurance rides, usually down steep hills, 
in them.  No problems.  Why don't you contact the Ariat company and let them 
know about the failure.  A good company would want to know.


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