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Re: RC: Tevis Video "0 Stars"

> Just viewed the new Tevis video and I've got to say I'm really
> disappointed.  Did I miss the part where they warned me the whole thing
> is in Japanese?  Granted, there's some nice footage of horses, but the
> only English spoken is when it's coming on, other than a few people
> smiling and saying "To Finish Is To Win" (with Japanese subtitles).  The
> music is American, but I'm not sure they understood the words.  Alabama's
> version of Tar Top describing how their band got started didn't seem
> especially appropriate for the Cougar Rock footage.  I did hear the words
> "Wendall Robie" and "Comanche Moon".  The rest was undecipherable. >sigh<
> Angie

Angie, we did indeed try to make it clear that most of the video is
narrated in Japanese. 

I guess if there is any disappointment in my quarter, it's that I don't
speak much Japanese.  Or that the Japanese are the only non-English
speaking nationals who have done the Tevis that have brought along a
professional video crew.  I don't speak much French or German or Spanish
or Arabic, either, but if any of those countries want to do a production
and share it with us, I'd say they now have a higher production standard
to meet.  This video is beautiful and is a credit to our sport.  In any

If you would like your money back, please return your copy of the tape
to the Tevis office.

/richard, teviswebguy

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