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Re: Making a Difference for Endurance Horses


I'm forwarding this post to Ridecamp with Connie's consent:


Thanks for your email.  Your comments illustrate an important
distinction in
"Taking Care of Our Own."  The project is not to create an entity to do
research, "Taking Care" is a fund to fund research performed by independent
scientists, researchers, grad students, vets, whoever...  Envirohorse may
well be the recipient of funds from "Taking Care."  The Vet Committee at
AERC will choose the projects to fund based on received grant proposals, and
AERC BOD will finalize the choices.

Does that explain the idea more fully?


connie B Berto wrote:

> Lisa, a friend forwarded me your post on Ridecamp.   (snip)

>    First of all,  your goals are laudable.   We can never have too much
> research about horses!  and I like your ideas about training videos!
> But did you know about EnviroHorse?   This group, founded in 1998, is
> dedicated toward the collection of published research on horses, the
> dissemination of the same, and the sponsorship of research about horses
> and alleged impacts.   Last year EH entered into an agreement with Univ.
> of Calif. for a three-pronged research project about horse manure.
> First, does it contain and/or spread killer e coli 0157:H7?   what is the
> genetic fingerprint of manure?  and are weed seeds viable in manure?
>     We (EH)  collected $15,000 for this project and have obtained samples
> from 250 horses.  It's being directed by Rob Atwill, DVM, PhD, research
> professor of the UC Vet. Teaching Center in Tulare, CA.    Results are
> being analyzed right now.
>    So, the group already exists that possibly could include  what you
> have in mind.  Yes, we need money to do this, boy do we ever.   AERC has
> pledged $2,000 to EnviroHorse for its research projects, and just about
> any project is eligible for EH sponsorship, as long as it's connected to
> horses, is worthwhile, and is doable.
>     I'll be at the Reno convention too, and hope I am able to hear your
> presentation.   Maybe a separate group is best, or maybe EH can handle
> what you have in mind.   This needs to be explored.   Whatever path is
> chosen, we surely do need research.   It's too bad that the major feed
> manufacturers, major equine pharmceutical makers,  and major breed
> organizations haven't sponsored this sort of research long ago.   Maybe
> they will, now.     Best wishes,  Connie Berto, AERC Trails Chair Emerita
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