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More convention info

Following is some info on meetings that will be held at the convention.

Don't have the time and place yet on the Trails one.


> Meeting:  Trails Meeting
> Group: Trails Committee and interested parties
> Date: March 2 - Friday
> Time:
> Place: 
> Submitted by: Jerry Furth
> Description:
We have expanded the meeting to and we can now
handle up to 100 people. Last year we had standing room only.  Our 
featured speaker will be Connie Berto and will be discussing the
weed free hay issue and how if may effect all of us.


Meeting:  Ride managers Meeting
Group: AERC Ride Managers
Date: March 3, 2001 - Saturday
Time: 12:00
Place: Silver Baron C at the Silver Legacy
Submitted by: Barbara McCrary
A meeting for ride managers will be held at the convention, Saturday March 
3rd at 12:00 noon in Silver Baron C.  There will be seating for 30 people.  
BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH.  Ride managers, this is a meeting for discussing 
ideas, problems and solutions.

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