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A different question about Sharon's saddles

I also got a new Sharon Saare saddle at Christmas, one of her light weights,
and while my horse adores it, after about 20 miles, my tush is maybe not so
thrilled. The fit (she fit it herself when she was here in Egypt last
summer) is brilliant and after over 10 years of being ridden in saddles that
"almost" fit, I figure a little discomfort on my part won't kill me, given
what my horses have put up with. I was lucky enough to have the saddle fit
my two favourite mares. BUT...does anyone know where I can order a nice
sheepskin tush cushion for a SS saddle? It's the endurance model. I
currently have someone in NY who can bring it back for me if I can order
online and get it delivered by Mar 10. OR I know that Sharon is going to be
at the AERC convention and is coming to see me in Egypt in April so maybe
she could bring it to me....we are already trying to finish the second
saddle for her to bring with her. I could still pay online. She suggested
Teddy, but I couldn't find anything on Teddy's site. My tush will thank you.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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