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Re: RC: It's a Drug

I guess you could put APF in the "drug" catagory as long as
you also put good quality Dynamite vitamins and good worming
in the drug catagory as well.  And Carbo-charge... and electrolytes
... and redcell... and biotin...

In addition to an effective worming schedule, the best feed
I can get, good quality vitamins, APF (herbal), and CS / GAGS
to support my horse's joints, these things have also attributed
to Blue looking good these days:

A great start from Jackie Bumgardener
(who I remember *already* taught Blue about multi-days
and long haul works... something I seem to have left long
enough for him to forget about)

2-3 YEARS of dressage lessons which have taught Blue to
use his rear end, lift his back and use his body correctly
... and me to ride him a little more balanced

A saddle that fits... knock on wood

Many many many hours of trail work and conditioning

Plus, Blue has gone from age 6 to age 9 which means
he's been growing up.  (but not growing taller ;-)

If you look up our RECORD in the database for our
RESULTS you will notice that APF is not a magic bullet.
Just a nifty herbal supplement that seems to put just
a little extra glow on a little dapple arab and help him
get the most out of his conditioning... but heck, am I
impressed by my own record?  NOT!  I thought Blue'd
have had his 1000 mile medallion at LAST year's
convention.  Have we done more than a 50 yet? Nope.
Will APF alone take Blue from a 50 mile horse to a
75 or 100 miles horse?  Nope.  Can we actually complete
a 75 or 100 mile AERC ride?  Who knows?  We certainly
haven't done it yet!

I noticed that no one out there is saying squat about
DMG.  I don't use carbo-charges.  But I don't consider
carbo-charges in the drug category.  I don't use DMG.
I don't use probiotics.  My horse doesn't need a probiotic.
But I don't consider probiotics a drug and I don't knock
people who have their horses on probiotics.

I happen to like what APF does for Blue just like I like what
Dyna-Hoof does for Magnum.  Blue is not on Dyna-Hoof.  He
doesn't need extra biotin.  He'd probably grow 6 hooves if
I put him on biotin.  Magnum, being an ex-racing TB, has a
genetic propensity for soft hooves.  Dyna-Hoof fixes that.
Does that make it a drug?  You want to also ban Biotin
supplements?  You want to ban horses with soft hooves?
Or you want to allow people with soft-hooved horses to put
them on biotin supplements so they can have healthier feet?

You want to ban horses that tie-up?  Or you want to allow
a horse that might have a history of tying-up to compete
with a supplement that supports the metabolic processes
in the muscle tissue?  If vitamins could fix a horse that ties
up, would they be against the rules?

APF supports metabolic processes, just like having a good balance
of amino acids supports proper muscle development.  APF is *not*
performance enhancing... ie, a horse is not going to run a faster
mile course just because he got 2ml's of APF in his feed.

Dr. Mike, you have to remember when you come up with something
truely revolutionary that really helps an athlete be and stay healthy
(and thus also *might* threaten those who have been playing the
game *their way*) you will get shot at by any loose cannon within
range.  And that's what I'm seeing here.  So it looks to me like
you've got a winner.

Kathy Myers... that's M-Y-E-R-S
"The 'charter Kat' on ridecamp"
with Magnum the TB ex-racer
and Mr Maajistic... little Blue arab

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