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Re: RC: Convention & Cindy Crook

At 1:10 AM -0500 2/26/01, wrote:
>Cindy Crook Sewing will be at the Convention in Booths 83 and 84.  This is
>our third year as vendors.  We make qualityy nylon horse products and are
>from the PS Region.  We are mobile vendors and attend most of the PS rides.  
>I'm a rider, so our products are designed, tested and used by me on endurance
>Our Convention special is Synthetic English Stirrup Covers (Fluffies as I
>call them).  I am going to only be making them in sheepskin from now on and
>am offering the synthetic ones (black and blue) for $20.00 while the supply
>lasts.  They are usually $35.00.  We recently redesigned the sheepskin ones
>to be more versatile and fit more saddle models.  I will have eight pairs
>made in the new design.  Stop by and check them out.  We think they are
>We are looking forward to meeting everyone.
>Cindy and Jack Crook
>Cindy Crook Sewing
>Lakeside, CA

I bought some of these sheepskin stirrup/flap covers from Cindy at 
the Sunland ride, Nov 2000.  They've been through the river, rained 
on, sweated on of course, and are in great shape--if you want to see 
how they hold up, come by the ReactorPanel booth; I'm bringing them 
to display.

One of the great things about them is that they come in three sizes 
lengthwise; I'm using the mediums over Wintec Webbers, and it's an 
exact fit with my Easy Ride plastic stirrups.  There is a loop that 
goes on the stirrup bars.  I had previously been using sheepskin 
stirrup covers that were tubes, and there was so much movement that 
they wore out within a year.  These stay put, and have a backing of 
cordura, so it feels like a single layer, much more comfortable.  The 
backing material does not leave marks on  the leather saddle.

Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) -- yeah, I'll resanction it soon <g>

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