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Re: RC: Question re: new Saare saddle

I just got off the phone with Sharon.  She was kinda shocked that I had this
problem, and was very nice about it.

She said she thinks it is leftover dust that got trapped somewhere and
suggested I go over the underside of the saddle with a damp rag to wipe it
off.  That won't really help with the stuff that's stuck in the fleece

I already took a high pressure blower to it (somebody emailed me with the
suggestion of a shop-vac which would have been better than blowing fiberglass
all over the place but stupid me didn't think of that) and it seems a lot
better now.  After my skin calms down from the initial fiberglass attack I'll
try handling it again and see how it goes.

Well, in the meantime anyway, the saddle sure is pretty to look at!  LOL


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