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Ride Managers' meeting at convention

A meeting for ride managers will be held at the convention, Saturday March 
3rd at 12:00 noon in Silver Baron C.  There will be seating for 30 people.  
BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH.  Ride managers, this is a meeting for discussing ideas, 
problems and solutions.  
Our meeting will be followed by the election of AERC officers at at 1:30, and 
that followed by the General Meeting of members until 3:00 PM in Silver Baron 

If there is anything any of you want me to bring, please e-mail by Weds. 
night, as I am flying out Thursday AM.  The revised Ride Managers handbook is 
in the hands of the BOD for assessment and any editing, and we will be voting 
on its approval during the convention.  After its approval, copies will be 
available from the AERC office upon request.

Barbara McCrary
Chair, Ride Managers committee

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