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Re: Saddle search

Title: Re:  Saddle search
on 2/26/01 12:49 AM, at wrote:
I'm looking for a saddle to fit my very broad shouldered, very short backed
Arab mare.

- Western style that's light and comfortable enough to be used for CTR, but
"traditional western" enough to be used at a show.

- Of, course, excellent fit is a must.

- Pricewise, I'm willing to buy something as expensive as an Ortho-flex,
but not as expensive as a SkyHorse... and I'll buy used.

So far:
- My current cheapie 25lb saddle with semi-QH bars is *FAR* too narrow for
my girl, but about the right length.

- The Circle-Y Arab tree is too narrow for her, and even the round skirt
was about an inch too long.

- My trainer's stock saddle with full-QH bars is wide enough, but would
scrub her loin on a long ride (and weighs approximately 1 metric ton!)

- The OF Patriot fits her like a dream, but isn't the right style of saddle
for my needs.  I'm thinking an OF Barrel saddle might fit similarly.

So, any suggestions on a saddle that's wide enough for my girl without
    being too long and "western" enough without weighing 50lbs?

Synergist saddles makes several very nice western models.  They'll make 'em to fit your horse.

If I hadn't just bought a trailer, I'd be ordering one for my arab!

Check 'em out at     No, I'm not an employee, and no, I don't own one, but the lady I bought my arab from had a dozen of them and uses them exclusively.

Very, very comfortable.

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