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Re: "lady" issues

I don't have the incontinence issue, but when I drink like have have to to stay hydrated (especially in warm weather), I have to go.  My riding girlfriend laugh at me.   Sometimes when tacking up for a ride I'll pee 3 times in about 20 minutes, but it's like my body knows that I won't be able to go for a while.  And while we are out for 2 hours or so, I won't have to go at all, even if I drink while I'm on the trail.  I know this doesn't really help, but I thought it was worth sharing.  The other thing I have found is that if you keep yourself well hydrated all of the time, your body doesn't retain fluids (I have no scientific proof, this is personal observation) so I don't have to stop as often.  I also have had 3 kids and my bladder is paying for it, and I do Keegel exercises and if it has helped, I'd hate to see what I would have been like without them.

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I am sure the guys won't like hearing about this any more than they did when I asked about what women do when they are having their periods during a ride.  I am hoping to simply talk the doctor into a hysterectomy. :) However, your dilemma intrigues me because I have a sister and a friend who both experience this problem and I have had an occasional leak myself.  If you are running anywhere in the pack ahead of anyone else, it can be embarrassing to have to stop somewhere because I don't care how far you THINK they are behind you, if you have to make a pit stop, they are just around the last bend!  I'd like to run at least middle of the pack!!  My daughter serves as my current lookout but she's not very good at it!!  I am certain we will never get ride management to place porta potties along the trail though the Miller's do designate and mark with signs the "ladies bushes" at the Hopkins Creek ride!  :)  The best thing I could think of would be the thinnest and longest maxi pads, with wings and all that to help keep it in place.  Even then, pads can rub and be uncomfortable.  So, I will look forward to the brilliant ideas I am sure this discussion will generate!

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