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Some of you will remember I mentioned APF last summer as Blue
healed up from a really nasty kick to his shoulder... once "my most
excellent vet" had gotten the infection to go away and the wound to
calm down (took over 7 weeks), the whole nasty site healed up and
*went away* within one week.  I truely believe having Blue on APF
had everything to do with having a really nastly looking injury
disappear within a week without leaving more than small scar line.

Blue has never had any trouble with tying up.  What he has had in the
past is sort of a layed back, lazy attitude.  We put Blue on APF last May
about 2 weeks before Castle Rock.  While I really wanted to see how he
performed at Oakland Hills, unfortunately that nasty mare kicked him
4 days before the ride.  But boy was I glad he was on APF!

Now that he's been on it for over 6 months, what I'm seeing is a horse
that's turned from a young cute baby, into what appears to be a potential
100 mile monster.  I'm shooting for the Swanton 75 this summer, but
every time I take him out on the trail, he's so energetic I swear he needs
that 100 to calm him down and teach him to really get to work.

His limited ride schedule these last 2 years have been management
problems on my part.  I put him out into pasture with that evil mare
thinking he'd stay out of trouble.  He popped a splint last fall because
he was feeling great, but I had failed to allow enough time to leg him
back up after being off from the shoulder.  We'll see how *I* do this

*If* I had tying up problems, this is definately one of the first things
I'd try.  I'd imagine you need to first have a good solid feeding schedule
with a good quality vitamin / mineral supplement (mine are on Dynamite)
and then definately APF to help with problems such as tying-up and to
put that little extra edge on your endurance horse.

APF has the little weasel horse is atleast thinking he's an eagle... don't
tell him he's still just a little weasel.

Kathy Myers
in No. Cal with Magnum the TB ex-racer
and Mr Maajistic... little weasel horse
PS... and now y'all know who my most excellent vet is. If we move,
I'm packing Dr. Mike, Joy and the rest of his family up with us...  ;-)

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