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Re: RC: Ride Management

In a message dated Sat, 24 Feb 2001 12:23:44 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< When I'm managing a ride, I have more on my mind than figuring out some 
mathematical equation on how much each vet is going to earn.  Besides, the 
vets would likely prefer to know up front what they are going to be paid 
BEFORE the ride, not after, based on how many riders came.  >>

For the most part, I'm with Barbara here on both counts.  As a ride manager, I don't want the hassle, and as a vet, I want to know the score up front.  I HAVE vetted start-up rides on occasion on a sliding pay scale, just to help the manager get started, but this sort of thing is not necessary for the established ride.  If the rider numbers go up sufficiently, I'd rather help the management find an additional vet to help work the ride so that the riders get the service they need and deserve, rather than get a higher "take"...


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