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IntNewsGroup: Australia Ho!

Mike Foss received this note regarding a ride coming up in April in Australia.  If anyone is interested, please call the AHSA Athlete services desk for help with the paperwork you will need in order to compete.  Their number is: 908-234-0848
-----Original Message-----
From: C.E.J. Walker <>
To: Michael and Sharon Foss <>
Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 2:01 PM
Subject: Re: Question

Dear Mike,
The USA riders would need to have an FEI International Rider Licence.
We have a number of people ( 4-6 coming to to Canberra)  who are currently campaining teams of horses ( 5 -17) and potentially could have horses to lease.
Your riders would need to activate private treaties with these people. Our O.C. can supply names, addresses and phone numbers of the Aussies who might offer horses, fit for the Cat-A, to ride in April.
Time is short, but our O.C. would certainly like to have Americans and Canadians compete at Yarralumla.
Regards, Chris

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