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Re: Question for the serious trail rider.

> Our friend is working on opening up a boarding stable or at least taking
> a few boarders to supplement her training business.  She is planning on
> building tack lockers on wheels.  Haven't seen them yet but I think it's a
> great idea and can't wait to see how it works!!

Egads!!!  Any locker big enough to hold my stuff would be too heavy to be
rolled about!  Besides, I don't need all of it on a regular basis.  I need
to have some stuff easily accessible (or protected from freezing), but other
stuff can be put somewhere else less handy.  What's worked for me, on the
private farm where my horse is the only boarder, is that the owner and I
talked about it, and we worked out an arrangement that works for us both.
Of course, it helps that they're such nice people and that I try to be

Since it's not a boarding facility, I purchased storage pieces for my stuff
(those plastic, three-drawer thingees they sell at Wal-Mart), which I use to
hold vet wrap, extra easyboots, extra riding gloves, clean towels, my
collection of bits, etc.

As it turned out, the owners and I started out on the best possible footing.
When I explained that I would have to be able to keep my farrier, we found
that we already used the same person -- who was able, in effect, to give
each of us a reference to the other.  She could tell me what she knew of how
well they care for their horses, and she could tell them that I care just as
much -- and that I pay on time.


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