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Greetings, I am newly registered but am posting as guest as I can't figure out how to post a NEW message...oops!

Our team of riders need your help! This coming May our team of 4 riders and 2 ground crew will be departing for a 6,000 mile ride across America on the newly opened American Discovery Trail. The ADT connects many local, state, historic, and national trails and passes through wilderness, mountain, desert, small towns and major cities. Traveling 20-25 miles per day and resting the stock one and one-half days per week, we anticipate this trip taking us approx. 10 months.
To conserve our dutch oven, tents, and sanity, we are hoping there are fellow distance riders out there who will reach out to say "howdy" and possibly offer us a warm barn and a hot shower for the night. We are also looking for "touchstones" who would act as emergency contacts for us enroute. The ADT will take us through the states of Delaware, Maryland/D.C., WVirginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Calif.  Should we get caught later in the year than expected we may have to divert through NewMexico and Arizona as well.
If any of you are interested in becoming contacts for us in your state or would like to offer four weary riders a stop over please contact me at :
I will let you know where the trail runs in your state and we can determine if you are close enough to help.  Your help will be greatly appreciated by riders and stock, and would sure help our families sleep better, too! If any of you are interested in following the sordid details of the ride our webpage will be up and running soon. We'll post it on RideCamp
Thanks to you all,

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