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looking for a stallion

Hello all,
I have decided to have my mare bred.  This is a big step for me.
But with a 4 year old to ride it seems like time to do it, and Annie is 11 and I didn't what to wait too long.
I want this foal for a future endurance horse. Maybe by the time it's 5 I'll have the time to put in on training rides. <g>I  of course want to just love this foal ,so it only seems right to spend lots of time looking for the perfect mate for my Annie.
There is a  very nice older stallion near here , I could bred to for free. But  it would be a pasture breeding with a large herd of mares she doesn't know. And Annie is 11  year old maiden and I just will not take the chance of her getting hurt.   Like my husband said,  free stud fee means  a  big vet bill.  I have talk to the owner and he will not pen them up, or hand bred so he out. I know a few more around here, but they not what I'm looking for. Mostly black, show types.
 So  I am looking for a stallion.  But seem to be having a little trouble finding one. She is line bred Nabiel ( granddaughter both sides) with Ferzon and Bask. So I want to find a stallion who is as well if not better bred. 
 So far I have looked at every Arabian site I can find. And only came up with 2 stallions listed  in my area ,who weren't black and they'er not the type I'm looking for.  E-mailed for info any way. But would much rather bred back into the Ferzon line. She is a Gallant Fashion granddaughter . 
If any one in North Dakota area  on RC has or  knows of a nice sire for a foal e-mail me. I'd appreciate it.
Tami ( looking for a one good stud)
Annie ( you mean I really get to have a baby)

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