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I would talk to Linsey Mclean. "Linsey McLean is a graduate of the 
University of Michigan with specialities in Biology, Chemestry and Clinical 
Microbiology. Originally she worked in a class 5 CDC reference lab in 
mycobacteriology and a clinical chemestry lab as a medical technologist.
As an active biochemist for Vita Royal Porducts, Inc., Linsey works in human 
resarch with chronic debilitative diseases and formulates new supplements 
for commercial use, blends custom supplements for special cases, consults 
individual clients, and teaches. Her research work includes neurochemistry 
and sports medicine physiology, with cases ranging from hyperactive children 
and violent behaviors, to Gulf War Syndrom, to competiton performance 
In 1983 and 1984, Vita Royal was choosen as the official supplier of the US 
equestrine team.
In 1986 Linsey was invited to represent the US as a Citizen Ambassador in 
Scientific and Technical Exchange for the People to People Program to New 
Zealand and Australia. She was invited to represent the US in 1988 in 
Communist Bloc Countries. Then in 1991 she spent one month in China 
traveling and studying Oriental medicine and acupunture.
After eight years of clinical trials, she was granted two US patents in 1996 
for enviornmental biochemestry. One was for the first nutritonal diet 
program for weight loss in morbid obesity, normalyzing blood sugar in Type 
II diabetes and lowering cholesterol using supplements and diet, without 
drugs. A liquid composition with both nutritonal and buffering abilities won 
her the second. This is significant since there are over 28,000 diets 
registered in the US, none ever earning a US patent for efficacy.
In 1999, an augmentation to the original program was awarded a US patent for 
the treatment and control of all autoimmune diseases including Lupus, 
Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, as well as chronic fatigue and 
clinical deprssion.
That same year she earned three US patents. One represents a dry formulation 
of her highly successful liquid nutrient buffer; the second addressed "leaky 
gut syndrom" with a special nutrient supplement blend, and the last defines 
a soothing theraputic bath salt compound.
Linsey has also been honored as a Christopher Colombus Award finalist, given 
for the best discovery of 1998 for the benefit of mankind. In addition to 
these, she holds four other US patents, including one for the program that 
is so successfully restoring health to horses with enironmental illnesses 
including EPM.
Vita Royal

These products have helped my horses and my mom(whole different story). I 
strongly recomend that if anyone is experiencing health problems with 
themselves or their horse to contact Linsey.
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