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RE: housewives and dogs

Ok - I guess endurance dogs isn't that far off topic. It was pretty
amazing to see the variety of breeds that people prefer. (btw I have
a long distance Schipperke :) And as Howard so delicately stated,
almost anything could be related in some fashion. But... especially this
time of year - topics can spin out of control very quickly! Just thought
I'd tap the breaks a little.


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<< Steph, I agree that "housewives" is not endurance related, I agree that I
 have contributed significantly to this on-going argument (have to defend my
 gender from bias), but I respectfully disagree about the dog issue. >>

I always have trouble as to what is endurance related and what is not.  This
is because I have a strong belief in "to ride is to live; to live is to
motto.  With this theme running in my head I tend to think that if riding is
life and life includes everything, including the metaphysical, there is
really no subject that is not endurance related, even housewives or visions
of naked women on the trail.

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