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Yea, but how many of ya can change a tire or the oil in your truck?

Me.  Changed my truck tire in a snowstorm on a single lane mountain road in Montana with a 4 year old to help.  Then went home and installed the in-line heater.

How many
know which direction to turn that bolt to tighten or to loosen? 

Me.  8 years as a single parent on nurse's wages (and working in an operating room which teaches you a lot about tools), you learn to do a lot of stuff yourself. Besides, unless it was physically impossible, I'd be damned if I was gonna ask a man to help me! <g>

How many
know how long it takes to barbecue that steak to get it "medium rare"?

I guess I fail on that of those quasi-vegetarian types that can't cook (but I married a good one!) At least I know steak comes from a cow -- had that simplistic explanation told me once when I questioned a cut of meat (didn't know what it was...was told "cow"........oh...:-p)

And how many women know how to drive your rig in loose sand without getting

Is that anything like getting stuck in the snow???  In the snow, tho, you go get some sand and a shovel to help get you unstuck.  (Or, if your right side truck wheels end up in a "barrel pit" after a big snowstorm in Montana, you grab the first couple of jeeps that go by and a couple sets of chains and get pulled out. <g>) What do you in the sand?

Most of you do know what to do after you get stuck in that deep sand.
Get a man.  haha.

I never seem to be travelling with one in my rig.  Guess I should get this one figure out! ;-)


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