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John Teeter said:

>Beware!!! the moderator of 1ArtofTraining tried to do a
>"redistribution" of their list to ridecamp by adding
> as a member of
>1ArtofTraing (w/o asking:(

In general, adding *anybody* to a mailing list without their
explicit advance permission is bad netiquette.  Onelist (bought
out by egroups, which was then bought out by Yahoo) used to enforce
this rule quite strictly with their list managers.  Now Yahoo
practically encourages list managers to add people without
asking them if the list manager thinks they might want to
be on the list.

By virtue of acquiring list hosting companies that provided
"free" lists, Yahoo now has the finest collection of self-selected
Internet targeted marketing email lists in the world.  Except when
a list manager adds an email address without asking first the person
first, it is no longer self-selected.  Yahoo Inc. now knows the two
most salient facts about me,, namely a) that my
profession is technical writing and b) that my largest hobby
is horses, entirely by the actions of self-serving list managers
who added me to egroups/Yahoo lists without my permission.
Removing myself from the list does no good, I'm in Yahoo's
db forever!

Rant, rant, rant...One of my real hot buttons.  :-)

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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