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Trail Dogs

I'm enjoying all of this "dog talk" cuz I'm finally gonna get a dog for
the first time in many years when I move to my new place in April. My
last dog was a Catahoula Spotted Leopard Cow Dog. The Catahoula was
developed in Texas and Louisiana for "heading" Longhorn cattle. My dog,
Lollipop, better known as LP, 'Dobes' or The Goofball Dog, had this
instinct. He was a superb trail dog and could cover great distances.
They look like lanky, long-tailed Aussies with a flatter coat and often
display the Merle color. They are considered rare, but occasionally you
will see an ad for Catahoula pups.

Back to doggie daydreaming!

Bobbie in southern Calif.
Sophia & Isabel--You're getting a dog?? NOT!

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