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Endurance Dog

One more opinion on the dog issue.  I ride with my Springer Spaniel quite often.  He can go for miles and if I keep him trimmed up he doesn't bring too many burrs home.  I ride in a National Forest alot and so we do run into hikers, sometimes with dogs.  My Murph will come immediately to my horse's side when I say 'come' and ignores other people/dogs. He does this also when I come out on a road - I would not take him if the roads where not 25 mph through the forest and quiet.  he is a great athlete and a wonderful companion.
My first springer, Kelley, traveled with me in the 80''s across the country competing in races.  Back then no one payed much attention to dogs in camp.  I don't remember it being a problem, though I understand why there are problems now.  Anyway, he even competed in a 100 miler with me in Canada.  We won- plus BC.  That night I slept in the stall with my horse and dog - too cool. - we were a team....
laura hayes #2741

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