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cooking in a cooler rule

If you are going to do this cooking in a cooler, most of the rules are
stated in the previous message, but the book I mentioned discusses them.
Again, 1) pot must be right size and TIGHTLY COVERED. 2) Ingredients must be
boiled for proper time and must be boiling hot as they go into the box.
That is 212 degrees Fahrenheit.  3) After kettle is in and the properly
packed cooler lid closed, do not open until the designated time in the
recipe.  The final rule was in the book, but I failed to mention it when we
used it, we did not depend on it for longer than four hours, and I hope no
one got sick since then by thinking the food would stay hot indefinitely!
4) Reheat all meat (excluding fish or fowl) and baked bean dishes to the
boiling point before serving, if necessary adding more liquid.  As a general
rule, reheat ALL dishes left in the cooker longer than four hours to the
boiling point before serving.  It's a good idea to pack along a regular food
thermometer, and no, you should not just use one of those handy ones you see
laying around ride camps.  Thank you for reminding me to bring up the
important temperature rule!  This way cuts down on the time it takes to boil
the food to serve.  bb

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