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Viable calcium source?

Angie wrote:I'm sure there's cheaper ways to make it,
but Tums seems pretty safe.>g<  Actually, buying them
and finding out how much I like the taste of the
fruity ones did what my mom couldn't me to
start supplementing calcium for myself. 
Angie (feeding green electrolytes)

Angie, I have no idea if the below is accurate, but
I've read that taking Tums for calcium is a waste of
time. Why? Because calcium needs a slightly acidic
environment to be absorbed, and an antacid supplies
the opposite environment. My source is, under the CalMax section. It may
just be a marketing ploy for Calmax, but I've found
CalMax is a great muscle relaxer (the magnesium) so I
use it as my calcium supplement. Kristi

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