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RE: Tush Cush

Another thing - the saddle might not fit you right.  And if you
get the right saddle you might not need a tush cush or sheepskin
at all!  I have no problem finishing a fifty in comfort with
my ReactorPanel saddle.  But I have to admit the one day Karla
and I did a ride that should have taken us two hours and instead
we walked for five hours because both of our horses were acting
like idiots, we were both sorer than we would have normally
been if they were able to trot sanely!  Yeah, I post.  I also
ride in a modified two point.  If your seatbones are sore I
wonder how the horses back feels?


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OK, can't resist here...  the *best* way to avoid sore hip bones is to
one of them gaited horses (I prefer Peruvians myself!)!  < 

Opps - Have to disagree here. <s> 

My seat bones don't get sore unless I'm having to do a lot of walking.
long, long ago I rode pleasure walking horses, and boy did my seat bones

hurt. It's that constant contact that gets to me, and the back and forth

action was worse. 
Now that I've moved my guy up to Open division and doing some fun LDs,
then I 
have no problem with that sore seat bone problem.  (Lots of trotting and

cantering - yeah)   
However, when I did, I used a fleece seat cover that worked great.
try the gel pads, so don't know how that would work. 

Jan - posting and happy for it.

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