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Celeste, I don't know how much you're paying for this, but according to what
I've been reading, it is lacking in calcium and magnesium, and you may want
to add Phosphorous as well.

I make my own up, very easily and cheaply.  It is made up of:

2 parts coarse salt (sodium and chloride)
1 part epsom salts (for magnesium)
1 part potassium chloride (for potassium)
1 part dicalcium phosphate (for calcium and phosphorous)

Friends of mine have asked if they can buy my mix, and I'm tempted to start
selling it.  I can make up a 2 kg batch for about R35,00, which is a lot
cheaper than your shop-bought stuff.

I add 25 grams morning and evening, and more if they have worked
particularly hard (ie been to a show, etc) - then I up it to 50 grams twice
a day for the two days before and four days afterwards, and I also then add
a teaspoon of dextrose.

I've been doing this on gut feel, so if any ridecampers think I'm doing
something wrong, I'd appreciate the input.  Just bear in mind that I'm not
doing endurance...yet (going to a clinic in April and doing my first "LD"
ride : 20 kms, so excited I'm nearly wetting myself!)

I did run this mix past Monica Venter, and she gave it the thumbs-up.


    Check it Out!    

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