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Rembrandt (Nicole Uphoff's Olympic Gold Medal dressage horse) is not a 100% Thoroughbred.

His sire, Romadour II is a Westphalin, and I think he is too, but he might be a Dutch

The last Olympic dressage horse that I know of that was a Thoroughbred was Hilda Gurney's
horse Kean, on whom she won the Olympic Bronze team medal in 1984.

However, just as a matter of note, Warmbloods are more likely to have Arabian ancestor's 
closer up than Thoroughbreds are; but all that aside, I am not of the (what I consider to 
be silly) opinion that Arabian ancestors necessarily confer any more "elegance" than many 
other breeds of horses.

Rembrandt's elegant gaits are the product of generations of selection by warmblood breeders for
just that; Rembrandt was bred to be a dressage horse.

Orange County, Calif.

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