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Ride Fees

Wendy Merendini
My eyes were opened dramatically when I mananged a ride last 
year, the Go for Gold.  I have helped at rides many times
but when the buck stops at your feet - I tell you it is a
humbling and scary place to be!  I did not sleep for three
months before the ride!  Really!  

Personally, I have no problem with Ride Managers charging
late fees, non-refundable portions, or have a no refund
policy for no shows.  If you were getting dozens of phone
calls cancelling out the day before the ride, AFTER you
have ordered dinner, awards, etc you might have a different
perspective of the sitution.

I am so grateful that there are those masochistic folks out
there that enjoy doing managing rides...  

Hey, just think you could be showing dogs.  In dogs you 
must pre-enter (3 weeks in advance) and even if you die,
 your dog dies or the show is hit by a hurricane (it happened) -
 there are NO refunds!  

Wendy Merendini
Who in a brain dead moment entered a dog show
on the same weekend as the Convention... those fees are down
the drain!   

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