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Bitless Bridle (Cheeper alternative)

Char Antuzzi
I use the Montey Roberts dually halter while I am riding my stallion! Sure my horse is well trained but I feel you get enough control on a horses face to use this on a youngster as well. I really can't describe it here but I am sure that if you search on the net you can come up to his homepage. I paid $35.00 for it. 

Also for some of you that want to get off your horses mouth, here is how I start colts that are sent to me for training.

I put a regular halter on the youngster, adjusted rather high on the bridge of the nose, but not tight enough to shut the throat latch area when the horse flexs at the poll, I then put my snaffle bridle on over the halter. I then snap my split reins onto each D ring on the side of the halter then run the end of the rein through the bit ring. As you bit up the horse, the halter will "lift" the bit up into the corners of the mouth rather then pulling directly onto the corners AND apply pressure to the nose as well. If you are are just using a snaffle you will be pulling on the corners of the mouth. I have found the way that I have be bitting up horses seems to keep their mouths soft and they learn to give to the bit very quickly without injury to the mouths. The next step I do is to train the owners on having soft hands.. to get the same results :)

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