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FW: Osceola results/ FL

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From: Jean Wonser []
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 3:21 PM
To: Steph Teeter
Subject: Osceola results/ FL

Results for Osceola  Endurance Ride, Osceola National Forest, Lake City Florida  Jan. l3, 200l;
manager Jeanne McDonald, Archer FL.  Head Vet Ken Marcella
64degrees F at nearby Gainesville to 4l degrees low ; humidity average for January ?%.  course dry and very little natural water; 
Hundred miler:
l4 starters, l0 finishers;  Best Condition Big Sky Chance 698.75 (Kanavy)
Tie for lst:  Valerie Kanavy and Dinah Rojek  l0:02;
tie for 3rd:  Terry Nancy, Megan Davis; ll:l6;
5th Jan Worthington l2:4l
6.  Steve Rojek l2:4l;
7.  Roger Blalock l3:38 tied with
7.  Claude Brewer l3:38;
9.  Vickie Doler l4:30;
l0.  John Greenall l9:40;
pulls:  James Davidson L:  Pat Thomas L;  Nicki Young, RO;  Betty Baker L;
55 miles:
49 starters; 32 finishers;  l junior;   BC KHF Tevsoro 763.48, Balock;'
l.  Randi Lavikoff 5:50
2.  Carmen Blalock  5:50.2
3.  Cleon Akins  5:5l
4   Perry Taylor  5:56and  Dana Reeder
6.  Cathy Schrader  6:l0
7  James Agnew  Aralon 6:ll
8.  Maria Villeneuve  6:l3
9.  Echo Pompilius  6:l6
10.  Susan Sams 6:l8
ll  Laurie Pearson 6:33
l2.  Adelle Dennard  6:4l
l3  Steve Baker 6:55
l4.  James Barnett 6:56
l5tie Jenny Edgell 7:l3  and Jesse Jarrett
l7  Mike Charron 7:27;
l8  Catherine Whiteacre 7:36
l9.  tie Laura Causey , Mary Ellen Shoemaker 7:4l
2l  Billl Thornton 7:49
22.  Diane Ebel  7:50
23.  Leslie Anderson 7:53
24  Gini Agnew 8:27
25 Amanda Apesos 8:28
26 tie David and Peggy Jordan 8:33
28  tie Kimberly Williams  8:34 & Kay Faulk
30  Robin Burris 8:39
3l Laura Gage =Stedman 9:l7
Completion Donna Shoaf
Pulls:  Trish Harrop L;  Richard McNelis RO;  Susan Banden  RO;  Sandy Thompson L;  Jennifer and Howard Bramhall RO;  Darlene Krell L  Jean Wonser RO;  Joanne Baker L  ;  Jackie Baker RO;  Disqualified for  trail violations, l0 miles short:  Paige Fitzgerald,  Alice Farrar;  Paula Stich;  Mary Yager, Mary Goodman,  Heather Hoyns,  Sophia Neves, Alex Reis; 
25 miles LD 28 starters, 22 finishers, 3 juniors;  BC not offered;
Order of 60  Pulse, SERA rule:
l.  John Fountain; 2.   Wesley Crowe;  3 tied Ashley Maury, Cindy Barrett, Lynette Ashby, Pamela Linaham, Michelle Heister;  8 tie  Kathy Norton and Cheryl Perry;  l0 Ken Pasternack;  ll Carol Thompson; l2 tied Wade Pearson, Justin Himes, Tina Pickard;  l5 tied Roxanne CicconeRob Thompson; l7  Tom Thanson, l8 Hilda Morgan;  l9 tied Becky Rhoden, Nancy Cloos;  2l tied Diane  and Sara Whitfield;        Pulls:  Robin Adams, Joe Baker,  Kathy Powers M;  Ed Kilpatrick,  DQ for trail violation:   Erika Fletcher, Suzie Anderson; 
Results unofficial  until  printed in Endurance News.

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