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Re: RC: stirrup question, I have sore knees

Have you tried ours? We'll be at Cougar Prowl early Friday March 9 if you 
want to try them.
PS: How does the bridle fit?

>Brenda Brooks
>I would appreciate your input on what kind of stirrups would
>help my sore knees.  Looking at Cloud Nine, Trail tech or E Z ride.  
>Currently have western but wide, with tapederos, came with the saddle.  I 
>added some foam and it helped some but not enough. Both knees hurt equally, 
>  length appears to be proper, have experimented with shorter and longer 
>but can't see much change. I do have a bit of arthritis so that makes it 
>worse. I ride a Paso so don't have to post, rode this weekend and only 
>walked and knees still hurt.  So I thought I would try a different stirrup. 
>  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>Thanks.  Brenda
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