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Re: RC: Rider vs. Horse size


Until Rosie passed away, I rode her in tough East
coast 50 mile rides and was training for a 100 just
before her death.  (Not endurance related - she died
after surgery related to an accident.)  She was a 14.3
H mare who was a "petite" build and I was 5'5" and
weighed in at 212 with tack then.  She trooped right
along and carried the weight easily since she was
conditioned for it.

Her heart rate was consistently a little higher with
me than with a lighter rider, so I know she worked
harder to carry me.  However, it was well within her
capacity.  I rode her for 7 years with no problems.  I
now have a 16H heavily built arab gelding and a
slighter built 14.3 1/2 H gelding how rides just as

The biggest concern you will face is where your legs
fall on this horse.  Some horses feel larger than
others based on how well-sprun their ribs are.  I've
ridden a 16.1H gelding who felt smaller than Rosie. 
If this horse is saddle trained, I would get on and
see how it feels.  Are your legs wrapping around *&
under the barrel?  If so, your knees will ache after
many miles.

Good luck finding the right horse.  You'll know when
you find the right one.  

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV
--- Patti Pankiewicz-Fuchs <>

I am 5'9" and 200lbs, am on a diet (but aren't we all)
the Arab I'm looking at, was bred for endurance, is of
average bone and is about 14.3 

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