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Re: RC: Rider vs. Horse size

I'm also tall, 5' 91/2" but "only" weigh about 155-160.  I ride a 14.2 hand 
mare that has done 280 miles of LD.  She is now 15 and I'm retiring her from 
endurance, but it has nothing to do with size, it is the fact that she 
hasn't, in four seasons, learned the word SLOW.  She feels really good the 
whole 25, then afterwards lets down and kind of crashes and is sore for a 
week or more.  I'd like to step up to 50's and I know she's not a 50 mile 
horse.  She has never lacked for power, and is lots of fun to ride.  the 
general rule I've heard is that a horse can manage very well with a quarter 
of its weight (includes rider and tack) .  I think it's important that if you 
are at the upper end of that, you have to be a good, balanced rider.  

A suggestion was made to look at quarterhorses because they are bigger.  If 
you choose to go that route, you should definitely look at ones with a lot of 
Thouroughbred, with the leaner muscling.  The bulky muscly type of QH will 
probably have more cooling problems.  My friend started on a QH, and found 
they take A LOT more conditioning to do the same distance.   

You might also look at Anglo-Arabs or Quarabs.  They tend to be a little 
bigger but still have lots of the positive endurance qualities the Arab is 
known for.  As to your question about growth, my Anglo-Arab mare grew a bit 
(about 1" per year) through her sixth year.

Best of luck,  if you find a horse you like that seems to have the right 
attitude, size is a less important factor.  jeri

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