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Re: Stallions in endurance riding

Hi Sarah
Stallions are allowed in endurance.  good manners are a must otherwise
people will complain.  Sounds like yours would not be a problem.  Can only
do LD (25 miles or less) with under 5 year old.

Sarah McIntosh & Saffy (75 miles) & Tawny (no miles)
Abbotsford, BC
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> Sarah
> We have a 3(going on 4)yr old pinto stallion.  He is being trained right
> now.  He has lots of stanima.  I was wondering, is there any rules against
> riding a well mannered stallion in endurance. He is GREAT mannered. he
> does not talk to mares when we are working(thats a no no) get back to me,
> thanks.
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