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Re: RC: Re: Bedouins

Hello Linda, Nice history lesson, great reading, makes me want to go
watch "Lawrence" in picture box format dir edition.. and find my book
by Raswan ..
 and messed it all up

 It was 'fun' to visit there  but I sure would not want to live there
 ..unless they paid me big bucks .

Thursday, December 13, 2001, 9:10:34 PM, you wrote:

LBM> These excerpts are from _The Economic History of the Middle East,
LBM> 1800-1914_, edited by Charles Issawi, University of Chicago Press, c. 1966,
LBM> from the chapter titled "The Nomad Economy."  It is made up
LBM> of comments from Issawi and several other scholars.

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