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Re: Arabain S Hackamore

The S hackamore is less severe than a mechanical (I feel). The S hackamore gives you more "lateral" control. That means your horse will flex his head more with a S hackamore and be able to eat & drink better than a mechanical hackamore. If your horse is a "star gazer" and hasn't been taught to give to the bit or bend his neck and collect himself then a S hackamore would probably not make him do it magically. I think the S hackamore is the middle spot between a mechanical hackamore and a sidepull (sidepull being softer than mechanical).
Karla Watson
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From: Sandy Terp
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Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 7:15 PM
Subject: RC: Arabain S Hackamore

The shanks are S shaped hence the name.  They really only work on horses that have a good whoa.  Bicycle chain hackamores are actually more severe than many bits.  They are all tools and the most important thing you need to know is when NOT to use a tool.  I use an S on my mare and a Stivers hackamore on my gelding who does not have a good whoa.
Sandy Terp

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