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Re: Ribby Horse

How old is your stallion?  Ours is just 6 and I have found as he grows, he
will become ribby, then fill out again, etc.  As he is maturing, he tends to
hold his weight better.  The increased fat is a great idea...I prefer to up
fat than the grain if  I can.  Another thing I will point out is that the
first season I rode (my older gelding), he didn't hold weight well at all!
That first season was really stressful for him and he looked awful...that's
when I discovered beet pulp and oil and really researched nutrition.  Some
people suggested to me that the first season takes a while for the horse to
adjust to if they have never had too many demands on them before.  I admit
that the second season was much easier on him and we didn't have the weight
problem again though by then oil and beet pulp were and still are staples of
our horses' diets.  I am sure Susan will offer up some better information
than I can but don't be discouraged and hang in there.  Other things I might
suggest you consider would be probiotics and checking his teeth.  We have
our horses' teeth floated by an equine dentist yearly. I also believe
wholeheartedly in the benefit of probiotics (take 'em myself!).  Good luck!
Happy Holidays!

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