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PA Game Commission - proposed changes

Diane Nelson
I just received my PA Equine Council newsletter.  There was brief mention
of a Bill before the General Assembly (HB 2181) to redefine the wording
for the mandates to the PA Game Commission.  Without a legal degree, it's
tough to interpret the legalese; but the essence appears to recognize that
despite how the SGC is funded, the lands are still *public* and therefore
accessible for "secondary uses", i.e. horseback riding, bikes, hiking,
etc.  Apparently 25 Representatives are sponsoring this Bill.

Folks in PA - PLEASE call, write, email your State Reps. and tell them to
support this Bill!

Check out the wording for yourself at

And remember - if you buy a hunting license you will have legal access to
riding on all State Gamelands!

To join the PA Equine Council and support all their efforts on behalf of
the equine industry, and to safeguard our access to trails, contact

Pennsylvania Equine Council
P.O. Box 21
Dallas, PA 18612

1-888-304-0281 (free)

One year membership (starting Jan. 1):  Family -  $25, individual - $15,
youth - $18

Diane Nelson
near Allentown, PA

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