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RE: Wintec pro endurance saddles

I currently own my second Wintec Endurance Pro in 8 years. The first one I
sold in good condition two years ago when I bought an Orthoflex (didn't need
three saddles I thought. I regretted that decision later when the Orthoflex
and I didn't get along and I went back to my Wintec as my only saddle). I
always loved this saddle for the easy upkeep, durability and price. I rode
it with an Orthoflex cinch, breast collar and a sheepskin cover and was very
comfortable.  Now my second one is for sale. I changed horses two years ago
and it does not fit my current horse or my upcoming two year old who has
already outgrown it. It is a medium tree and will sell it for 50% off the
new price of $625.00 (or $300), this one is only a couple of years old with
only light use and is in excellent condition (no wear at all, it was always
covered with a sheepskin cover). The Orthoflex cinch, sheepskin, Webber
"leathers, endurance irons, English style snugpax cantle bag and Toklat pad
with gel pad insert are all available with this saddle for a package deal of
$500.00.  For that kind of money you cannot go wrong if this saddle will
meet your needs. Marilyn @ Lone Pine Ranch

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Barbara Kempa
I was thinking about purchasing a wintec pro, and was wondering if anyone
has any feed back.

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