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Re: RC: cliffhangers

In a message dated 12/10/01 2:48:03 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<<  dont feel safe riding along narrow trails that drop off. anyone out
 there get over this fear? And how?

I have the same problem.  The best thing to do is make sure your horse is 
sensitive to your leg so you can be assured he will stay over from the edge. 
Turning his head towards the upper side only causes his rear to swing out 
over the edge.  After you have that one mastered. Try and keep yourself from 
looking down at the edge. You're sure to go over then.  Or at least feel as 
though you will. The thing to do is keep your head up and focus far ahead. 
Singing also helps. 
I've noticed also that my fear is directly related to which horse I happen to 
be on. My big Paint has no fear of falling, and loves to walk along the 
crumbling edge. Often it is too unnerving and I just get off and walk until I 
feel safe enough to remount. Most of the other horses stay in the middle when 
asked, so I'm not quite so tense.
The problem is in CTR, you must stay mounted.
Hope this helps,

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