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truck/trailer problem

Thank you to all who sent me ideas & suggestions on my 'bucking' trailer problem.  I was so sure I'd be writing to 'announce the winners', but no resolution yet.
Here's the latest....I wasn't able to take it out on Sun. to test the things many suggested-rained all day.  Monday AM I was 1st in line at Dodge place.  They put it on rack & checked the driveline & U-joints.  They took it for test run & couldn't get truck to do anything abnormal.  Then to trailer place.  Hitched up to big heavy (8 wheels on trailer) gooseneck & took Cody for test drive.  It wouldn't 'buck'.
Raced home, hitched to my trailer, loaded everything (including horse & dog) & back to trailer place.  It did the 'bucking' several times on the 12 mile trip.  Took Cody on another test drive & IT DIDN'T BUCK!  Got it up to 75MPH on the interstate & nothing.  He probably doesn't even believe me.  I asked him if he'd ride along to NM w/me.
Then they jacked trailer up & checked everything (wheel bearings had been packed in Aug., but they rechecked them).  Brakes-OK.  Nothing abnormal.
To make this aggrevating long story short....I go to NM & back (about 700 miles each way).  I still does it, but not as often as that 1st Sat (when I tried to take off) & mostly in 5th gear.  It was worse coming home than going out.  There just doesn't seem to be a pattern.  Sometimes, I'd go for 100 miles w/o 'bucking', then it'd start up.
Thanks again for ideas & I will let you know if/when we figure it out.
Pat (sunburned & sore) & "Sevville" & "Pattie"

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