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Wool pads V. Dixie Midnight

> > To: <>
> > Subject: RC:  Re: Re: Why WOOL? Pads  (Long)
> > 
> > Hi Ros and Mr. Karl ! and List -
> > 
> > For the kids and me, the absolute best is a
> > combination of a pure wool pad
> > and a vent pad, best of both worlds. Can't beat it
> > with a stick<g>.
> > 
> > I even use the vent pad under my bareback pads,
> > which are wool and wool
> > felt.
>  Cheryl in WNY
> > Horse (pony) kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

I was wondering about this - whether anyone was
both pads and whether it was too much of a good thing.
It doesn't make too much padding under
saddle does it? I see that the DM is only 1/4 "
What about the wool pad?

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