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    Sorry about the virus we sent along.  It looks like we got hit with it
at least 6 times and sent it along 1 or 2 times.

    A lot of people got the virus from us who we have never e-mailed.  What
it appearently did was collect addresses from our Inbox, including a couple
list-serves, and went on from there.  It also used our Sent-Items box.

    How Norton's responded was also interesting.  It appearently recognized
that a virus was at work, shut down our sustem and notified us of the need
to update our protection.  Neat that Norton's could limit the damage from a
virus it did not recognize.  I am told that the same thing happened at Blue
Cross last week.

    Anyway we have updated our virus protection and cleaned our system a
couple times.  Actually added a higher level of security.  Didn't send
anything till we got it straightened out.  Hopefully all is back to normal
and our attachements will be safe now!


    Check it Out!    

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