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Ed Paige is HOME!!!! AT LAST!!!!

Teddy Lancaster
My many apologies for not posting to ridecamp MONTHS ago.

Ed came home from the rehab center the day before Thanksgiving
and our daily lives are in a turmoil.  Ed cannot live independently and
requires daily assistance.

On top of that, the house was NOT accessible for him and I have
been furiously cleaning and making room, jugling
furniture, etc., so the contractors may do their work.

Business is as usual...but needles to say, there is NO time for horses.
They have had the life of "reilly" this summer.

Some of you have posted to me privately and your thoughts are
appreciated and welcomed.  Soon I plan to update the website for
 Ed so all can see the progress.

To all: I miss you, but have no time to read and have unsubscribed
from ALL lists except those pertaining to Ed's
injury and recovery.

May you have a wonderful Holiday Season....


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May 7, 2001 my companion, Ed Paige took a fall from
a horse, broke his back and is told he will never walk again.
We need your help.

Ed had surgery and treatment to enable him to walk again in
Ecuador at the cost of $35,000. Insurance did NOT cover this.
The surgery and years of therapy will enable him to stand and
walk. Now, his home must be remodeled to accommodate a wheelchair allow him to use a bathroom or access the kitchen. Cost $20,000
We are asking for donations.

The surgery was done August 17, 2001.  He is finally home from the
rehab center where the doctors would not allow Ed won't do
what is best for him. They don't believe paraplegics CAN ever walk.
We do.

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